Queensville Cemetery offers families a range of cemetery products to assist with the funeral and burial process.  These products include burial vaults, urn vaults and urns.

Why Burial Vaults
Burial Vault Cut-out Image (without text)
Vault Set-up

Burial Vaults

Burial vaults are an important outer container designed to protect the casket from outside elements such as water, and the weight and pressure of the earth above. Our burial vaults are made from high-quality materials such as reinforced concrete with a polymer liner and a butyl seal that ensures they are water-tight. They come in many different finishes and can also be personalized to create a fitting tribute for your loved one. Burial vaults  help preserve the cemetery by preventing the ground from collapsing or settling over time, and most importantly, they protect your loved one after burial.

Urn Vaults

Urn vaults are similar to burial vaults but designed to protect urns buried underground. Our urn vaults are made from concrete and can be personalized with materials such as stainless steel, copper, or bronze. Personalization options are also available to create a unique and fitting memorial for your loved one.

Urn Vault Set-Up
Marble Urn


Urns are made from materials such as stone or metal, and are containers designed to hold cremated remains. We offer a range of urns in various sizes and styles, including urns that are sized to fit in columbarium niches.

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