"As soon as I got out of the car I felt at peace and knew this was the place I wanted as my parents final resting place." A.G.

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Know Your Interment Rights

Whether you choose ground burial, Columbarium niche or scattering, you are purchasing Interment Rights rather than actual land. Ownership of all cemetery lands remains the property of the cemetery. All who are named on the Interment Rights Certificate will have the right to jointly and unanimously decide and authorize who can be interred (buried) in a specific, designated space or location, and what memorialization, if any, will be placed there; subject to the bylaws of the cemetery. 

Interment Rights are sold in perpetuity for you and your heirs, as per Ontario law. A percentage of the price of each Interment Right purchased will be placed in a care and maintenance trust fund. Income earned from this trust fund is used to maintain the cemetery for the future. The care and maintenance contribution depends on the type and cost of the interment rights and the actual amount will be specified on your contract.  

The Ontario Funeral, Burial and Cremations Act, 2002 states that "An interment rights holder or a person authorized to act on the holder’s behalf has the right to:
(a) inter any human remains in the lot to which the interment rights relate in accordance with the cemetery by-laws;
(b) erect a marker on the lot, or other receptacle for human remains, to which the interment rights relate if doing so does not contravene the cemetery by-laws;
(c) have reasonable access to the lot to which the interment rights relate at any time, except as prohibited by the cemetery by-laws; and
(d) once the interment rights have been paid in full, receive a certificate of interment rights from the operator."

As per Ontario Regulation 31/11,  Item 161:

(1) No cemetery operator shall inter human remains in a lot, other than the remains of the interment rights holder, without the written consent of the interment rights holder.   

What are Interment Rights?

Burial & Cremation Choices


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Vast selection of traditional ground burial options available, as well as, cremation graves, Columbarium niches and Scattering Garden.  

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